About Saracino's trattoria

KS Catering Co. Ltd started it off by mere coincidence in a family backyard. Driven by the passion and urge to set up a small business of their own Kristina and Stefan were thrilled by the idea to open up a small cafeteria in village core of Attard. The opportunity came to their knowledge through the village Parish Priest who at that time was looking for an investor to start up and open a coffee shop using part of the Parish Centre. After defeating all scepticism of their dear ones it was time to pass on to action and the toughest part was financing the project.

In order to minimize start up costs it was decided that all financial budgets and working plans will be prepared in house by the “partners”. To their amazement the bank approved the project and finance was no longer an issue. KS Catering Co. Ltd. was formed having Kristina Galea Cavallazzi and Stefan Baluci as directors and also having a substantial amount of cash to spend wisely.

In just 92 days the Parish’s 400 year old palazzo was converted into SARACINO’S CAFÉ’, a stylish cafeteria ready to host its first customers. Since then the cafeteria expanded into a restaurant and embarked on numerous outside activities involving catering such as films, concerts & group BBQs.

Over the years KS Catering Ltd invested heavily in the catering business and as of today it is considered to be amongst the market leaders in the field. With the purchase of a mobile kitchen the company is able to offer a complete outside catering services without any limitations to film producers and concert organisers.

In May of 2008 it was decided to penetrate the hospitality industry and thus KS managed to attain a contract as a catering operator of the St Paul’s Bay Hotel (prev. Bugibba Holiday Complex) serving up to 3000 meals a day.  This operation marked the beginning of the Company’s involvement in the Hotel industry. In December of the same year the company was appointed as catering operators for the Cavalieri hotel, a four star superior hotel in St Julian’s.

A greater step was taken in October 2009 whereby it was decided to take over the entire operation of the Cavalieri hotel under the name of Prestige Travel Marketing Ltd. During the past calendar year the hotel accommodated over 29,000 persons from all over the globe offering them an impeccable service with regards to catering and accommodation needs.

Kristina Galea Cavallazzi opted to embark on a new separate venture and today occupies a post as a Director of Studies for an international language school. Miriam Baluci was appointed as a share holder and director instead of her.

Our ongoing and previous operations

Saracino’s Cafe
Owners and operators
Cavalieri Hotel
Hotel operators (as Prestige Travel Marketing Ltd)
St Pauls Bay Hot
Sole catering contractors (2008/2009)
Isle of MTV
Sole backstage caterers for crew and artists (2007-2014)
Earth Garden
Sole caterer for all attendees (est. 15,000) in 2011. Appointed in 2013.
Valletta NYE Celebrations
Sole caterer for all attendees (est. 40,000) in 2012. Right of 1st refusal in 2013.
Imnarja Annual Event
Sole caterer for all attendees (est. 5,000) in 2012 (Horse Racing)
Paqpaqli ghal Listrina
Sole caterer for all attendees (original est. 20,000) in 2012 and 2013
Previous Concerts
Sole backstage caterers for crew and artists for Elton John, Ronan Keating, Michael Bolton, Duran Duran, Joseph Calleja and Winter Moods, Zucchero, Santana, Prodigy, Gigi d’Alessio, Simply Red and Venditti amongst others.
Film Shoots
By the Sea (Brad & Angelina), Dovekeepers ,Munich, Agora, Clarion’s Call, Devil’s Double, Napoleon, Roman Mysteries, Captain Philipps, U900, Largo Winch, Carabinieri and Game of thrones amongst many other productions, documentaries and commercials.
Beach Fests
Sole caterer and organiser for beach activities and BBQ for INPDNAP (an Italian government entity) for up to 700 persons per activity. We held 8 events every summer from 2006 – 2011.
Junior Eurovision
Sole backstage caterers for crew and artists feeding up 600 persons daily – 2014